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Maybe you’re already doing well in your business, but you know that there’s much more room for growth. Resultancy is not just about fixing problems or removing obstacles. It’s about creating new possibilities, giving you a better strategy, and improving what you’re already doing.

It’s also about being able to 'short-cut' your learning curve by years so you achieve your goals fast. Bring your questions. Bring your goals. And be ready to take your business to the next level.


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Work Desk

1) A Dose of Menno™ ~ € 300 p/hr ex. VAT

Expert Guidance

When Menno’s schedule makes it possible to consult someone like you who wants to grow the company to the next level, he’s truly delighted.

To be honest, many people (perhaps you) don’t have time to go through a one-size-fits-all “program” to identify the specific strategies and tactics that will catapult your business and media career forward.

You might have an immediate opportunity you need to exploit — now.

If this describes you and you wish Menno would just detail the complete roadmap for your business… telling you exactly what to do (and when) — today I have good news for you.

This resultancy call is designed to get straight to the point give you the exact steps to take so you can move forward with a well-defined plan — then execute on your own.

If you’d like to claim your spot for a resultancy call — click through now to book your appointment.


2) A day with Menno™ ~ From €3.499/day ex. VAT

PropTech Breakthroughs by Expert Guidance

A day with Menno isn’t for everyone. You’ve heard “time is money” and Menno is very clear with his time and also be very clear with who his ideal client is (so he can serve YOU best). A day with Menno addresses the critical real estate issues and struggling to transform to the digital era/ PropTech business. Menno combines his insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. You’ll spend an entire day – in Arnhem, The Netherlands – with Menno together outlining in signature detail the next level of your business growth.


3) Partner up with Menno™ ~ €14.997 + revenue share
(approximately 25 hours and ex. VAT)

Consulting 1-on-1 Agreement for a minimum of 12 months

Partner up with Menno is for those committed leaders to moving forward in a huge way.

You receive not only complete access to Menno, but his complete commitment to your business. Menno’s treatment of your business just like it was his own. If you came here for a breakthrough around digital transformation in Real Estate, this level is for you.

In addition, you get 25 hours of consulting and most importantly, you get access to Menno’s (inter)national (PropTech) network and his trusted consultants. 

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